2011 Holiday Sale + Usagi T-Shirt for Sale! 
Posted: Nov. 30, 2011

Hey guys and gals,

Are you looking for that special Holiday gift?

Starting November 30, we will have a huge Holiday Sale on every figure of Usagi Series one and two. We are running extremely low on Series Two sets and, as it stands, we may only have figures to assemble only 5 sets.

We expect to sell out fast so if you missed the sale the first time around, we would highly recommend that you place your order soon. The sale starts on November 30 and runs through December 31.

We will also start selling our first Usagi shirts on this day that we believe would make a GREAT stocking stuffer for that special person in your life (wink wink). We only have a limited supply right now so we are extending this offer first to our valued customers.

We have sizes from S, M, L and XL. You will have the chance to own this awesome shirt first before we announce it on our website. (UPDATE: Demand has been great and supplies are super low for sizes S, M and XL.).

If you purchase a Rokutoys product between November 30 and December 14, you will be included in a drawing that will be held on December 15. The winner of the drawing will have a choice for a FREE figure from Usagi Series One and Two.

Happy Holidays!

Your friends at Rokutoys

Rokutoys Usagi Yojimbo Statues Displayed at JANM 
Posted: Jul. 31, 2011

The Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles has honored us by displaying the Rokutoys Series One and Series Two statue lines.

If you're in the area be sure to check it out and don't forget to purchase a figure or two from the gift store ;)

The exhibit runs from July 9 through October 30, 2011.

Usagi Yojimbo Apparel Line 
Posted: Jul. 21, 2011

Rokutoys has signed a deal with Stan Sakai to produce an Usagi Yojimbo apparel line!

We'll be starting off with these initial t-shirt designs which include Usagi (unisex), Tomoe (female) and Young Usagi (kids). We're expecting a release date of some time in September.

We'll post updates as they become available.

Usagi Series Two statues have arrived! 
Posted: Feb. 24, 2011

Great news!!! The Usagi Series Two statue sets have made it to our warehouse!

We've organized the inventory and reviewed the first batch for shipping.

We've begun the shipping process but we thought we'd take a short break to thank you all again for your continued support!

We hope you enjoy the figures.

Usagi Series Two statues available for order. 
Posted: Nov. 28, 2010

So, you're perusing the Rokutoys website thinking to yourself, "The Usagi Yojimbo Series 2 statues look awesome! Boy, I can't wait to place my order!"

As a response to that thought, we'd like to share some good news and some not-so-good news.

First, the good news. We're making progress in meeting our target numbers for the Usagi Yojimbo Series 2 line of statues: 200 pieces per character and 500 of the armored Usagi statues - 250 of which have already been spoken for...that's right, 250 of the armored Usagi HAVE BEEN SPOKEN FOR! Did we make that clear? 250! We really want to make this clear since the demand for the armored Usagi may exceed the supply - yes, it looks that cool.

Now, the not-so-good news: We just found out that the earliest we will receive shipment for the Usagi Yojimbo Series 2 line of statues is during the final week of January, 2011...[gasp!].

We DESPERATELY wanted to have the Series 2 statues available for the 2010 holiday season but since this ain't gonna happen, we'd like to announce the Awesome-Rokutoys-Extended-Black-Friday-Offer-You-Can't-Refuse.

"Oh Rokutoys team, the suspense is killing me - what is this awesomeness of which you speak?" you might ask.

To that we say, "If you submit full payment for the purchase of the entire Series Two set (five figures + one bonus figure) before December 31 (12:00AM PST), you'll get the reduced RokuToys extended Black Friday sale price of $350.00 vs. the regular price of $399.95.

Yes, it's a bit of a wait until January, but trust us, this is one of those events in life where you don't want to be reflecting to yourself two months from now, "Why the heck didn't I order that totally awesome Usagi Series Two set of statues before they sold out...[aaarrrrggghhhh]!"

Go to the 'Products' page of the rokutoys website (

We look forward to delivering yet another quality set of statues to the faithful Usagi Yojimbo fans.

Happy Holidays,



Rokutoys to produce Sergio Aragones' Groo statues. 
Posted: Sep. 01, 2010

We're very proud to announce that we will be producing Groo statues for Sergio Aragones!!!

The past two years for us have truly been filled with fortunate events. First, we were given the opportunity to work with Stan Sakai on the Usagi line and now, we've been given an opportunity to work with Sergio Aragones to produce figures from his Groo The Wanderer comic book series.

We've been speaking with Sergio for several years and we're now getting really close to hammering out the final details of our production plan.

As it stands, we've finalized our decision to produce the Groo line of statues in the same scale as the Usagi series of statues and to produce Ruferto along with Groo.

We'll post any new developments asap so stay tuned.


Usagi Yojimbo Series 2 
Posted: Aug. 20, 2010

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come with the Usagi Yojimbo Series 2 line of statues.

Given the tight time constraints we encountered while putting together this display for Comic-Con 2010, we were unable to showcase all the cool accessories we designed for the Series 2 characters. Rest assured that we're moving forward with final production plans to manufacture some really cool paraphernalia.

As it stands, we're VERY happy with the way the severed head with "death cloud" turned out...BUT, wait until you see the Tokage (lizard) in armor that will accompany the armor-clad Usagi Yojimbo statue. In our humble opinion, VERY cool :)

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


Comic-Con 2010 
Posted: Aug. 6, 2010

Well, we cut it close to our prototyping deadline again [ugh]. But, with several "overnighters" before the start of Comic-Con 2010, we managed to get our Usagi Yojimbo Series 2 product line ready for display at Stan's booth...woo hoo!

Jei, displayed with a severed head and the corresponding "death cloud", received many positive reviews from the die-hard Usagi fans. However, Usagi, clad in his battle armor, garnered an overwhelming amount of "oohs" and "aaahs" from just about everyone who came by for a close look at the details.

At this time, we have no official release date for these figures. We're currently working through some pre-production logistics and finalizing a few minor design changes in order to deliver a high quality product to our customers - stay tuned folks :)


Raffle Results!!! 
Posted: Apr. 18, 2010

Thanks to all those who participated in the RokuToys April raffle.

Here are the results:

  • 1st place: Wade Schin wins an "Usagi Series One" set of statues!!!
  • 2nd place: Mark Zutkoff wins one "Katsuichi" and one "Jotaro" figure!!
  • 3rd place*: James Van Fleet and Thomas Froehling both win a "Young Usagi" figure!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!!

* Both names were pulled out of the hat and we couldn't decide which one was first; consequently, we decided that they should both win a prize.


RokuToys Raffle!!! 
Posted: Apr. 3, 2010

To show our appreciation for the support from the Usagi Yojimbo fanbase, we've decided to hold a raffle.

Simply send us an email with the subject line: RokuToys rocks!!! and you'll be automagically entered to win a set of figures...completely free of charge!

Anyone can enter but entries are limited to one per household. No purchase is necessary, but if you've placed an order with us before, we will add one entry per statue/figure that you've purchased from RokuToys. For example, if you purchased a "6 Statue" set from us in the past, we will add six entries to your e-mail entry thus giving you seven total entries for the raffle.

We'll be drawing the winning name on April 18th so stay tuned!


RokuToys @ WonderCon 2010
Posted: Mar. 29, 2010

We'll be attending WonderCon 2010 in San Francisco Friday through Sunday (April 2-4). Be sure to stop by booth #214 to say hello. We'll be giving away posters and stickers and we'll have select products available for sale at special "WonderCon" prices.


Licensing rights secured for Usagi apparel!!!
Posted: Mar. 21, 2010

For our first run of clothing, we plan to craft shirts utilizing designs that we believe will appeal to the hard core fan base. In addition, we also plan to create a batch utilizing designs geared towards a more "general" audience.

We hope to sell our first batch of shirts at SF Wondercon (April 2-4). Keep checking our website for news on what we have in plan for our Usagi line of clothing.


THANKS...and some news.
Posted: Jan. 26, 2010

We just wanted to post a quick note to give a big THANKS to all our customers who have placed their orders and also share some news with all of you.

We have some good news and we have some bad news.

First, the bad news: We've sold out of our individual Miyamoto Usagi statues (Standard and Exclusive editions). Also, we will no longer be offering the "Full 6 Statue Standard Edition Set". Moving forward, the only way to obtain a Miyamoto Usagi figure is to purchase the "Full 6 Statue Exclusive Edition Set".

Now, for the good news: We're giving away prizes!!! Our first winner, Alfred Yee, was the very first person to place an order with us. Alfred's prize? He'll be allowed to choose one Standard edition statue.

We plan to give away more individual statues as prizes and in a few months we plan to raffle off an "Full 6 Statue Set Exclusive Edition". We have yet to work out the details but rest assured that if you've made a purchase with us, your name will be "in the hat". Stay tuned over the next upcoming weeks for more info.

All for now. Again, a big, big THANK YOU to all of you who have placed your orders.


The "Usagi Yojimbo Series One" statues have arrived!!!
Posted: Jan. 13, 2010


We are very excited to let you know that we are ready to ship them out now. Since you've pre-ordered an "Usagi Yojimbo Series One" item, we have reserved the collectible specified in your pre-order.

To complete your order and submit your payment, please go to the rokutoys products page.

If we do not hear from you within 7 business days we will restock the item(s) specified in your pre-order. If you would like to cancel your item please email us asap at

For now, we will be only processing DOMESTIC sales (shipping domestically to any state in the continental U.S. as well as Hawaii and Alaska). We are still researching to find the best rates for shipping internationally. For our international customers, we ask for your patience in this matter.

We'd like to thank you again for your pre-order. It took a while to get the design finalized and the product shipped to our warehouse, but we think that the figures look GREAT and that you won't be disappointed.

All the best,



Usagi Yojimbo Series One Getting Ready To Ship
Posted: Dec. 8, 2009




We wanted to share with you some exciting pictures from the factory as they prepare to box the Usagi Yojimbo sculptures for the long boat ride to our warehouse.

Here are Usagi, Gennosuke, Tomoe and Katsuichi in the final stages of manufacturing.

We hope you enjoy the sneak peak at what's to come!


Usagi Yojimbo Series One Delayed till January 2010
Posted: November 30, 2009


Yes, we know it's a drag and we're very, very sorry for the delay. Due to unforeseen manufacturing circumstances, the release of the "Usagi Yojimbo - Series One" collection will be delayed until January, 2010.

We were on schedule to begin shipment of the products by the end of November but the hard-working folks at our manufacturing facility encountered problems in constructing the interchangeable eyebrow and eye patch for the Katsuichi maquette. In order to avoid potential defects and the possibility of a product recall, we made a last minute decision to alter the production of the Katsuichi maquette.

As it stands, we plan to have both the "Regular" edition as well as the "Exclusive" edition of Katsuichi manufactured with a permanent eye patch. However, please note that the "Exclusive" edition will still include the custom tea jar and teacup accessories.

We agonized over the decision to miss our release-to-market deadline but, at the end of the day, we knew that we would lose much sleep in releasing a product that did not meet with our standards of quality.

For what it's worth, we'd like for you to know that we are working extremely hard behind the scenes to provide you with the best product possible. We've reviewed the finalized batch of samples from the factory and, with the exception of the eye patch issue, we think they look fantastic!

We expect to receive the first of several shipments during the first week of January and we plan on shipping out orders on a flow basis. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Again, we apologize for the delay.


Coming in 2010 M.O.R.A.V. Giant Robot Figures
Posted: November 9, 2009

RokuToys is proud to announce that we have secured the license for M.O.R.A.V.(Multi-Operational Giant Robotic Armored Vehicle) and are working on designs for figures to be released in 2010. Stay tuned for more news.


Art Adams MonkeyMan and O'Brien Holiday Sale!

Posted: October 31, 2009
ToyFare148 RokuToys is having a special holiday sale on Art Adams MonkeyMan and O'Brien statues while supplies last. Offer expires December 31, 2009.


Rokutoys reviewed in ToyFare Magazine
Posted: October 15, 2009

ToyFare RokuToys Usagi Yojimbo Series One statues were given a positive review in ToyFare Magazine November issue 148. Be sure to check it out.


Usagi Yojimbo Statues Sneak Peak at Comic-Con
Posted: June 16, 2009

Stan RokuToys gave a sneak peak to fans of the 25th Anniversary Usagi Yojimbo statues at Stan Sakai's booth at San Diego Comic Con 2009.


Usagi Yojimbo Statues Announced
Posted: March 8, 2009

Uasgi Group

RokuToys announces it's first high quality Usagi Yojimbo collectible maquettes sculpted by artist Tony McVey.

"You will all get the opportunity to own the best Usagi figures ever made." -Stan Sakai

Usagi Yojimbo is one of the longest running independent comic books of all time.   This year marks the 25th anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo and RokuToys is thrilled to announce the first series of 9" limited edition maquettes based on the award winning comic book created by Stan Sakai.

Star Wars Master Sculptor, Tony McVey sculpted these highly detailed polystone statues in time to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo.  This eagerly anticipated line of statues is sure to delight fans of all ages.